Thursday, 28 February 2013


With Apostle Osei Owusu Afriyie
The love of family and friends is one of God's greatest gifts to people. In my case, I am blessed to have been surrounded by a lovely family and very supportive ministry colleagues and friends. At the start of this year, the fraterntity of The Church of Pentecost ministers in Europe, have continued to demonstrate exceptional love and support to us.

On Thursday 21st February Apostle Osei Owusu Afriyie, COP National Head of France. paid us a visit with two of his ministers, Pastors Andrews Gyamfi of Paris District and Obeng Asante of Mantes La Jolie District.

Standing L-R, Apostle Osei Owusu Afriyie, Pastors Andrews Gyamfi, Obeng Asante and Mrs Martha Ntumy
Although they travelled overnight for about ten hours through Belgium and Holland, the joy of seeing me was enough to dissipate their fatigue. We prayed, conversed and shared reminiscences of France and about the church in that country. (I was the first National Head of COP France, 1996-1998. It was from there I was elected Chairman of the church and so had to leave for Ghana to assume office.) The fellowship was fragrant and it was with much difficulty that they bid us goodbye.

Following at their heels were Apostle Dr Daniel Prince Wiafe and his wife, Faustina, National Head of COP Italy. Apostle Dr Wiafe and his wife visited from Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th February.

Apostle and Mrs Wiafe with me in the standing machine
They brought us the love and greetings from the Area Heads, Pastors, Officers and members of the church in Italy. Apostle Wiafe who doubles as one of COP "Euro Executives" also brought us the love and felicitations of all the ministers and membership of the church in Europe.

Dr Wiafe is COP's first minister to be ordained Apostle in Europe. After a successful missionary assignment in Belgium, he returned to Italy in 2001 to assume headship of the church.  

Dr Wiafe helping me do my standing exercise

All our visitors usually give thanks to God, not only for my life and recovery but also for what they describe as my unshakable faith in God. "We came to strengthen and encourage you in the LORD but we have ended up being rather strengthened and encouraged by you," they would say. I would always tell them, "My philosophy is simple, 'God gives grace to be healed or to go through'. I apply both---positive, daily expectation of my miraculous healing and also an ardent knowledge of the sovereignty of God---He has a time for everything. This gives me inner peace."

Although one should be careful about "mass prescriptions" certain spiritual principles could be prescribed for all. Here is one for you. In all things, maintain a tenacious faith as you plead with God at the Throne of Grace. But remember also that He is God; He has a time for everything. Since we do not always know WHEN God will do what He says He will do, have the patience to wait for Him. He will give you the grace you need to go through till the time comes. Until then, you can relax in Him. Your ability to do this shows your maturity.

Thank you for standing with me as I travel this interesting phase of my journey. We will have every cause to celebrate the miracle together when He brings it to pass.