Saturday, 17 March 2012


For the fourth year running COP Ministers in Europe met in Hamburg from 22nd to 25th February, 2012. The meetings have been instituted to provide a forum for mutual fellowship, prayer, and the presentation, discussion and collation of annual reports for each nation in order to present a unified, composite report to the International Missions Director.

In this edition of my blog publication, it is my pleasure to present these gallant men of God to you; that you may know them and remember to pray for us.

Apostle J. K Appiah, Area Head, Modena. Italy

Pastor Samuel Obeng, National Head, Austria
Pastor Emmanuel Quaye, National Head, Ukraine
Pastor George Korankye
Ovr. Pirciu samy-Marius, National Head, Romania

Group photo of National and Area Heads in Europe, L-R seated: Apostles Osei Owusu Afriyie, France; D. P Wiafe, Italy; Michael Ntumy; S. L Agyin, Holland; N.O, Nyarko, U. K; Standing L-R: Pastor E. N. O Quaye, Area Head, Germany; Evang. Dr F. K Bonsu, Area Head, U. K; Apostle J. K Appiah, Area Head, Italy; S. O Yiadom, National Head, Germany;  Ovr. samy-Marius, Romania; Pastor Sammy Obeng, Austria; Pastor Agyemang Tabi, Area Head, Italy; Second row, L-R: Pastors Emmanuel Quaye, Ukraine; E. Amissah, Portugal; George Korankye, Greece; Samuel Opoku Boateng, Rep. of Ireland; Kwesi Otoo, Area Head, U. K; and Twumasi Appiah Bonnah, Switzerland.


Pastor Ebenezer Nii Odai Quaye, North German Area Head.

Pastor Twumasi Appiah Bonnah, National Head, Switzerland
My colleagues had graciously decided that in order to allow me to participate in the meetings, Hamburg would serve as the venue of the meeting. This year the spiritual climate was exceptional, as well as the fellowship.
Apostle Samuel Lord Agyin, National Head, Holland
Apostle Dr Daniel Prince Wiafe, National Head, Italy
Apostle Sampson Ofori Yiadom, National Head, Germany. The Host Apostle

Needless to say, they expressed great joy at seeing me as they compared my present condition to that of the previous year. To top it all they battled in prayer for me, interceding and supplicating that the LORD would lift me up, SOONER, rather than later, to His own glory.

To this I stamp with my faith, and with you in perfect spiritual agreement, and declare, “YES, HE WILL” 
Apostle Newton Ofosuhene Nyarko, National Head, United Kingdom.
Apostle Osei Owusu Afriyie, National Head, France.
Evang. Dr Francis Kofi Bonsu, Manchester Area Head, U.K
Pastor Emmanuel Amissah, National Head, Portugal

Pastor Agyemang Tabi, Vicenza Area Head, Italy
Pastor Opoku Boateng, National Head, National Head, Rep. of Ireland
After the meeting, Apostles Lord Agyin of Holland and Dr D. P Wiafe of Italy, true to their native spirit of camaraderie, decided to stay over for a couple of days to have some fellowship with me. We had time to converse, study the Bible and pray late into the night. We also had time to have a walk through our beautiful Rahlsteadt forest and enjoy the beauty of God's creation.

A footpath in the forest near our home in Hamburg where I often go "jogging" with my kids and some of our visitors.
Taking a stroll with Apostles Dr D. P Wiafe (Left) and S. L Agyin (Right) in the forest (now battered by the winter cold).
Pastor Osahene Amankwah Boateng (2nd from right) Hamburg North District Pastor who was the host Pastor and Pastor Kwesi Otoo, London Metropolitan Area Head, joined by some of the Heads in a pose with me.
Please join us to pray for Europe. As many of you may know, European missionaries, touched by the love of God, defied the perils of West Africa which was then called "The White man's Grave" (The average survival time for whites was six months---and malaria/yellow fever would claim their lives!) and brought us the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They developed the alphabet for many of our languages, translated the Bible and taught us to read our own languages, not to mention the introduction of formal education and many other things!

Now while the fastest growing churches are in Africa and Asia, Christianity has taken a nose-dive in most parts of Europe.

We are the fruit of their missionary sacrifices. Our presence in Europe at this time is divine.... REVERSE MISSIOLOGY 


Saturday, 3 March 2012


Apostle Alfred Koduah, General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, Worldwide. This was his third visit to us. Here, he is preaching at the Hamburg Central Assembly. He conveyed the refreshing message on behalf of the Chairman and rest of the Executive Council that:
                                                   “THE WHOLE CHURCH IS WITH YOU"
 Being forsaken, abandoned or deserted by family, friends or colleagues in one’s lowest moments of life could be one of the most excruciating emotional conditions to endure. David earnestly requested of God not to forsake him in his old age. In His Gethsemane hours Jesus felt the agony of being forsaken by His disciples and on the Cross, He cried out to God asking why the Father had forsaken Him. The cripple at the Pool of Bethesda rather complained to Jesus that he had literally been forsaken, the reason for which he had spent so long at the pool side waiting for healing. Paul lamented that when he first appeared in court, all the believers had deserted him.
My wife and I are surrounded by Apostle Sampson Ofori, National Head of COP, Germany (third from your left), Pastor Mensah Boamah, Finance and Administration Manager (first from your left), and members of the National Executive Council of COP, Germany. Their love and support have been unflinching. 
Surrounded by my wife and children. Their love and support are indescribable.
On the other hand, being surrounded by loved ones who express their love and support for you through visiting, praying and lending a hand in the provision of vital services is strong therapy to that person. He can receive a powerful stimulus that will accelerate his recovery or help him overcome his situation or endure his circumstances.

That is one of the blessings that God has graciously given me as I travel through this phase of my life. God has given me a very loving and compassionate wife, lovely and helpful children, very supportive colleague Pastors and church members, on top of very sympathetic and caring church superiors.
A cross-section of Deaconesses at the Hamburg Central Assembly. L-R, Mrs Grace Sander, Mrs Martha Ntumy, Mrs Rachel Koduah, Mrs Nana Amma Boateng and Mrs Mary Amankwah

Mrs Martha Ntumy, Mrs Rachel Koduah and Mrs Nana Amma Boateng

Our home is never devoid of visitors. They come, not only from Hamburg but also from all over Europe, all the way from Africa, North America and Asia. We converse, interact and pray. Many more telephone to enquire about us and pray with us. We have never felt abandoned or lonely.
Flanked by Apostle and Mrs Koduah and my wife Martha
One of the most recent high-profile personalities to visit was Apostle Alfred Koduah, General Secretary of The Church of Pentecost, with his wife Rachel, from 15th to 20th February, 2012. He brought us warm greetings and best wishes from the Chairman and entire leadership of our church. Apostle Koduah expressed great delight about the marked improvement he had observed in me and added, “The whole church is with you in fervent prayer. We are all ears, waiting to hear one thing; that you are on your feet again”
Mrs Rachel Koduah tries her massaging skills on my left hand as she kept praying, "Lord, restore your servant's hands and feet". See how concerned they are!
 Nothing gave us greater joy than that reassurance, and we are grateful to God for having maintained this love in your hearts for us. We have never felt forsaken for God is with us and for sure, you are also with us.
Old friends: A General Secretary and his former Chairman. We re-lived the days of moving briskly together in the LORD'S work. Surely, as the LORD grants grace, we shall continue to see the goodness of God in the land of the living.