Saturday, 28 January 2012


This week has been another refreshing one to our family in Hamburg. One of our leading church officers who is also a personal friend, ELDER SAMUEL AMO TOBBIN, paid us a visit from Tuesday 24th, to Friday 27th, January 2012.
Elder Samuel Amo Tobbin and I

Elder Tobbin is the Presiding Elder of Dr Thomas Wyatt Assembly of The Church of Pentecost in Accra, Ghana. He is also the award-winning CEO of TOBBINCO PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP OF COMPANIES.

A very successful businessman, Elder Tobbin won the "Marketing Man of the Year (2010)" award from the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana.

The favor of God was further manifested to this humble and soft-spoken man of God when the Paramount Chief of his home Wassa Fiase Traditional Area in the Western Region of Ghana, Osagyefo Dr. Kwamina Ennimil conferred on, and crowned, him Nkosuohene under the royal name Nana Kwaku Gyebi.

Nana Kwaku Gyebi, (known in public life as Elder Samuel Amo Tobbin) newly crowned Nkosuohene, seated majestically with his wife, Mercy
Elder Nana Kwaku Gyebi has demonstrated that at the confluence of spirituality and royalty, the waters can still be clear. Does Bible history not teach that the best kings were also those who feared God the most? Why should those who fear God, and feel called, in our generation shy away from politics or rulership even when they qualify for such positions?
Nana Kwaku Gyebi a.k.a Elder Tobbin receiving a citation in his honor prior to his coronation from Osagyefo Dr. Kwamina Ennimil, Paramount Chief of Wassa Fiase Traditional Area
This being Elder Tobbin's third time of visiting me in this present condition, he was full of praise to God, seeing the massive improvements that have taken place. He exploded in spontaneous prayer of thanksgiving and also supplicated our Heavenly Father for my speedy recovery.
Elder Nana Kwaku Gyebi burst forth in spontaneous prayer of praise to God for the progress I have made. Joined by my wife Martha, they also supplicated the Throne of Grace on my behalf

Elder Nana Kwaku Gyebi helping me to do "Johnny Walking" on my standing machine
Like many of our visitors, Nana Kwaku Gyebi was delighted to lend a hand in my home therapies.

We are ever grateful to God for the favor He continues to show us. We are equally thankful to the leaders and members of The Church of Pentecost as well as those of other churches for their continuous prayer and other dimensions of support to us.

Friday, 20 January 2012


  "When Job's three friends...heard about all the troubles that had come upon him, they set out from their homes and met together by agreement to go and sympathize with him and comfort him". (Job 2:11 NIV)
My wife Martha leaning confidently behind me. Her love and support continue to amaze even me. Surely, with Jesus in our "boat" we can laugh at any storm.
Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude to God for the love our colleagues and friends continue to demonstrate to us as we travel through this difficult phase of our life. Besides bearing us up in passionate intercessory prayer, many of them have defied all constraints and visited us. They prayed with us. They comforted us. They encouraged us. They lifted our spirits.
The Ntumy Family. We are ever thankful for all the love and support you continue to show us.
 Time and space will not permit us to mention their names over here. Permit me to say one thing: The Ntumy family is very grateful to you all.

The LORD has ushered us into another year. Already, many have called or written to indicate their intentions of visiting us. We are looking forward with excitement to welcoming everyone as God's special messenger to us.
Standing with Elder Dr Kwasi Oppong
   But someone has already raised the visitors' curtain for the year. He is Elder Dr Kwasi Oppong, CEO of Kwasi Oppong Company Ltd. Dr Oppong is one of Ghana's most successful business men. He also doubles as Presiding Elder of Kwadaso Central Assembly in Kumasi, Ghana. He visited us from 3rd to 6th January.
Elder Dr Kwasi Oppong, beaming with smiles, gives me a helping hand on my standing machine.
Like other visitors we spent time to pray and encourage ourselves in the LORD. Gladly Dr Oppong tried his hands on giving me help on my standing machine during my home therapy sessions. We are most grateful to him.

The love and support of family in such times cannot be over-emphasized. In this photo, some of our children standing solidly behind my wife and I.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


The first Christmas occurred at a time of "home-going". Emperor Augustus Caesar had ordered a general census to be taken in the vast Roman Empire. Joseph and Mary went to their hometown Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Since then, and also partly due to the lengthy holiday season, Christmas-time has become a time of "Home-Coming" in many cultures.Our young family had maintained this tradition since we were separated by reason of our missionary assignment and the children's schooling. Every year we brought them from wherever they were for this family time. After Christmas 2002 however, it became hard for everyone of them to come.
L-R: Ebenezer, Samuel, Mike, Joanna, Joseph and Emmanuel with Martha and I seated.
Last Christmas however, after nine years, the LORD opened the way for all of them to come over. It was added pleasure to have with us Grace Demitia, a niece of mine from Harstad University in Norway. 



Joanna Ntumy
Grace Demitia
 We had much to be thankful to the LORD. They were amazed at the progress I had made and praised God for it. They thanked their mother and their other siblings, Mike and Joanna, as well as others who frequently came to the house to help, for taking good care of me. On our part we blessed the LORD for their spiritual momentum and their academic progress.

Our family with Grace Demitia, standing next to Joanna, dressed in a cream top.
We took part in our Christmas Conventions, New Year's Eve Vigil Service and real family time of fellowship. They were delighted in helping with my various therapies at home. What they would not forget, however, was the Family Devotions held almost every night.
Soon however, it was time to return to their various places. It was difficult for them but I reminded them of something my father used to say: "A man who keeps his children around him all the time, does them no good"

Thank you for your prayers which sustain us as a family as we travel through this phase of our life.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


As we journey through year 2012:
May He who is called the Prince of Peace grant you peace within and without.
May the One whose name is Wonderful surround you with His wonders, miracles and signs.
May the Mighty God show Himself strong on your behalf.
May the Great Counselor counsel you by His still, small voice.
May Immanuel establish His Throne in your heart and that you experience the reality of God's abiding presence every day of the year and beyond.

The secret is that, what is now my WISH for you is already God's WILL for you. Activate it through Jesus Christ and execute it through the help of the Holy Spirit.