Thursday, 24 October 2013


Ap. S. O Yiadom
With Ap Yiadom after church service
If I were asked to describe in one sentence the modus operandi of Apostle Sampson Ofori Yiadom, National Head of The Church of Pentecost, Germany, I would say, He makes time for everything.
His grip on the reins of leadership and administration of the church is simply AMAZING. His paper-work is classic. His field work is fantastic---trekking all over the nation; preaching, teaching, organizing and equipping.

Ap. Sampson Ofori and Mrs Millicent Yiadom
Along these lines and in accordance with his native spirit as an apostle-- a spiritual father to all, he makes time to visit members of the church and even outsiders who find themselves in the various unpleasant vicissitudes of life.

L-R: Mrs M. Yiadom and Martha Ntumy
Visiting me at home has become a daily passion of his, coming by to visit virtually everyday after work. Away from his Hamburg base, he calls to find out how I am doing. All these besides, he surprised me recently by saying, "Old man," his favorite accolade for me, "I would like to accompany you to your physiotherapy center. I would like to see how your therapy is going, if I have your kind permission."

I was very impressed and decided to dedicate this edition of my blog publication to his visit. Surely, "He is a good man..." (2 Sam.18:27). In the exclusive photos below, my physiotherapist manipulates me while Apostle Yiadom observes every move with rapt attention ... thinking, hoping, praying. Yes, people TREAT the sick; God HEALS them.

By His grace I am fine and doing well. My therapies are going well and my recovery continues in a steady manner. Like every human being, however I wished the process of recovery were faster but I am immediately reminded by the "still, small voice" to leave the timing with God and allow Him to work according to the times and seasons He has set in accordance with His sovereign will and purpose (Acts 1:7).

Above what I feel and see within me, is that mighty HAND of God, the HAND that moves the wheels of the world ... upholding, strengthening, comforting and empowering me everyday until that great day when His work of grace will be perfected in me.

Till then, please keep supporting me with your prayers. Surely, at that time, we shall rejoice together.

Sometimes it's all fun